Nov 2019

Whenever Christmas comes people will be busy buying gifts for their friends and loved ones. Of course, the most atmospheric place will be the traditional Christmas market.

A few days ago, I went to such a place in the centre of London. Before I went there, I imagined an ordinary street market with maybe seasonal mulled wine and mince pies available. On the approach to the market I saw a long queue outside the building. I wasn’t quite sure why this was so. I was thinking why there should be a need for a queue because usually one simply turns up at a market and potters around casually. I decided to join the queue but by the time I got to the end I realized there was a security check. I then caught sight of the name of the building which was called Draper’s Hall.


After I passed the check out, immediately before my eyes appeared a spacious staircase which had a red patterned carpet. Then I noticed the marble pillars and the scintillating chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The oil paintings on the walls were by eminent artists from long ago, some of whom had connections with the City of London livery companies. This ‘City Christmas Fair’ is a big charity event in aid of ‘Wellbeing of Women’.


To my surprise, I was surrounded by luxury items and extravagance beyond my imagination. Everything was very expensive but because they were raising money for a very worthy cause I felt compelled to purchase something. I bought some smoked cheddar cheese, truffle oil, children’s gadgets and Christmas fruit cake. Some people were drinking vintage champagne, whilst others were buying exclusive Cashmere items. Everybody there was showing their compassion for people in need at this special time of the year.

I went away happy and contented after such a memorable visit to this unique place.

By Linda Zhu