In January 2019 a large group of us, interested in learning about fermented foods and how to make them at home, gathered for a talk and demonstration by Katharine and Val of The Health Boost in Sevenoaks.  They did a wonderful job of explaining the benefits of adding fermented drinks and foods to our diet.

The modern diet includes much processed food and it is now known that such a diet causes changes in the bacteria in the gut and this can lead to several diseases.  When we include fermented foods in our diet, they help to restore the balance in the gut leading to better health.

Fermentation is more than brewing and includes foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi and fermented drinks such as kombucha. I was amazed how easy it is to make them at home in small quantities at any time of year.

And sauerkraut can contain more that cabbage!  Carrots, beetroot and spices make delicious combinations. To make kombucha, a fermented tea, a Scobie is needed but let that not be a barrier. There are fermenters about who are happy to share.

By Urszula Beckford