Flying into Amsterdam Airport in April 2019, we could clearly see bold strips of colour below us.  We realised these were the famous Dutch Bulb Fields.

Our first morning was spent at the Ann Frank house. We know the history and it was a very moving experience to see how she and her family lived for the last few years of Ann’s young life.

During the afternoon we visited Rembrandt House and Museum. A local artist was demonstrating how oil paint was made and mixed in those early times. It was a very slow and laborious task, performed by Rembrandt’s students during their first year apprenticeship.

On Wednesday, we were welcomed aboard the bus with direct connection from

Amsterdam to Keukenhof – the largest spring flowering gardens in the world.  Our photos cannot do justice to the beauty and striking colour of these tulip bulbs.  You must see it to believe it!

Thursday was spent at the Rijks Museum with particular interest in the “Night Watch Gallery” and paintings by Van Gogh and Vermeer.  Our afternoon was spent at the splendid museum and 17th century home of the Van Loon family. The house was described as one of the most eye-catching houses ever to be built on any Dutch canal.

We had to say our farewells to sunny Amsterdam on Friday.

By Faith Stanley